“Future Hack” Your Biz

How One “Funny Map” Removes Guess, Fear, And Anxiety Around Marketing Your Business For 1 Year Into The Future!

Duration: 5.45 min

$297.00 USD value  | Waived for a select group of 10 beta testers

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Who’s This Course For?

Over 40 Years Old?

Working for someone else and feeling burnt out, worried about job security, need a change?

Business Idea But..

Don’t know where to start – not techy, no time to learn marketing, or hire an expensive consultant?

Need A Game Plan?

You need help to put a plan in place fast that’s easy to understand, low-cost, and full of value.

This course is designed to help self-employed people and those looking to start their own businesses, map out their trajectory one year into the future.

If you currently have a job but thinking of starting your own business, or you’re already self-employed and unsure, worried, confused, or fearful about the outcome of your business, this course is for you. By the end of the course you should have the following outcomes:

Remove Anxiety

You’ll feel less stress, anxiety, and worry when you think about how you should grow your business.

Remove Doubt

You won’t feel lost and afraid when you think about what to do each month in your business.

An Actual Plan

Your weekly, monthly, yearly tasks, goals, promotions, potential income, and more mapped out.

The Chapters

The Map Your Moves course not only fast-tracks your ability to create your own plan, but it also helps you eliminate all the costly mistakes most start-ups and solopreneurs make.

COURSE LENGTH: 14 lessons | 2.5 hours long (The length of an average superhero movie)


In this chapter:

  • 3 things you must do before you start marketing your business
  • Reverse engineering your marketing for an entire year
  • How refining your audience increases your income
  • A simple trick to find out what problems your clients have so you can give them exactly what they want


In this chapter:

  • Myth 1: Are you really an expert in your field
  • Myth 2: Fear of looking bad
  • Myth 3: Too small to compete


In this chapter:

  • The traffic light client system
  • Custom 1-year map template tour
  • Building your 12-month map

4: FAQs

In this chapter

  • Customizing your map
  • Text styling
  • Adding notes
  • And much more

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The Bonuses

For beta testers who are willing to provide audio or video testimonials, you’ll also unlock the folloinwg three great bonuses.

Duration: 1.02 min



Find out who your EXACT client is, which competitors “have” them, and what you can do to start attracting them.



Access our private Facebook group for video training, interviews, tips, strategies, and the wealth of knowledge Mozez brings to the table.



A custom-made done-for-you map to make planning your year a lot easier. This map also comes with video tutorials inside our private Facebook group.

Total Value: $297.00 USD

About The Course Creators

Mozez Geraldo

Web Developer | Search Engine Specialist | Online Marketing Consultant

Mozez Geraldo is a Canadian web developer, search engine specialist, and online marketing consultant.

After seventeen years in the travel industry including a ten-year stint in the corporate travel sector servicing accounts such as Cadbury, Sony Music, Merrill Lynch, Labatts, and other well know brands, Mozez was a victim of burnout. As exciting as it was, at its peak, the Travel industry proved to be one of the most stressful industries to be a part of.

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With the launch of Web 2.0 platforms like Facebook and YouTube, and others, he was able to carve a new professional path. Fast-forward sixteen years, after many courses, webinars, online training, working with digital marketing agencies, and countless clients from all over the world, he’s taken the next step in helping businesses by packaging his vast knowledge in the form of online courses.

Mozez delivers his services via UpWork – the world’s largest freelancer platform. He’s managed to achieve a Top Level +  status putting him among the top 10% of best freelancers on the platform. You can view his profile and all his testimonials here.


Some fun facts

When he’s not behind a computer helping clients, Mozez enjoys being at outdoor music, food, and art festivals, hitting up a good restaurant or patio with friends, or finding a nice beach to explore in the Summer months.

When it gets cold, rather than hibernating all winter long, he finds interesting things to do like comedy clubs, theatre productions, karaoke, and the occasional board game pubs.

Mozez fully admits to being a lover of country music and oldies. In fact, he grew up listening to the “good old stuff” like Kenny Rogers, Crystal Gayle, Nat King Cole, Engelbert Humperdink, and Tom Jones. However, if you were to ask him what his favorite bands of all time are, he’ll likely tell you that it’s ABBA and Duran Duran.

Fitness, nutrition, and spirituality are cornerstones of his life and so, his morning routine consists of green tea, intermittent fasting, meditation, and working out.

Neil Goldhar

Master NLP certified


With his twenty years in the events-based industry for The Toronto Blue Jays, Galaxy of Stars Dance Championships, and other organizations, combined with his master NLP certification, BA in psychology, and love for improv, Neil delivers a unique and entertaining method of helping people.

He possesses the ability to remain calm in almost any situation and now aims to help others do the same in their personal and business challenges.

Some fun facts

Neil loves creating fun, humor, and enjoyment wherever he goes whether it’s having different cultural foods, attending festivals, or traveling.

You will often find him at live theatre performances, catching a new movie, or having fun with a group of improv actors – something he’s done for over 20 years and enjoys a lot.

Most people are surprised to learn that Neil happens to be a Zumba instructor and teaches a class twice a week, and enjoys being in full costume at the Toronto Carnival parade.

He also lived on a yacht for over 3 years in the Pacific before moving back to Canada in 2016.

Neil has also volunteered with children for over 8 years helping them to create a goal of contribution for their community.

Client Feedback

“Mozez is, by far, the best professional I’ve ever worked with. He not only has a fantastic eye for clean, modern, and high-end web design, but he also combines it with expertise in SEO, marketing, branding, and more with a heavy emphasis on user experience and brand positioning. You will not find a better person to work with!

Harvard Professor | Boston

“Mozez is an exceptional designer. He is very creative and knowledgeable in all areas of marketing, design, customer management, and technology. Mozez has very high communication skills and is able to interpret concepts by taking them to the next higher level. His follow-up is excellent. It was an exceptionally pleasing experience to work with MOZEZ. Thank you Mozez Media for your work!”

Finance Adminstrator | Toronto

“Mozez has literally been the best freelancer I have worked with. Period. He is a talent that I wish I could have on a regular basis.

Screenwriter | Los Angeles

“The objective was to take my business from non-existent search results to the first page of Google. Not only did Mozez get the job done, but he did it with patience, vigor, and a creative knack for problem-solving that evolved with the project. More than an SEO expert, over the years Mozez has become a trusted general marketing strategy consultant and somewhat of a mentor. Anyone who collaborates with Mozez will feel fortunate for the opportunity – I know I do!

Film Producer | New York

“Amazing, Spectacular Job! Mozez revamped our website and this was the best decision we made so far. Our clients are very happy, increased in more clients sending us requests. He’s a pro and worth every dime. We want to do more jobs with him! Thank you Mozez.”

Landscaper | Germany

“He was inclusive and collaborative and advised me when I was having problems best of all he listened to me and was polite and respectful and his responses were lightening. It’s all pretty amazing when you think I live in Australia and he lives in Canada and we only communicate via e-mail.”

Author | Australia

“I was extremely impressed with Mozez and the work he did. He communicated extremely well throughout the job, educated me about different aspects of the campaign, was a good steward of my budget, produced effective marketing material, and overall was a pleasure to work with. I will definitely be hiring him again.

Hardware | Texas

“I’ve had a fantastic experience working with Mozez. He brought a great marketing & design perspective as well as excellent technical skills to the project. What made this work so well for me was his collaborative approach and patient constructive response to my suggestions. I would have no hesitation in recommending Mozez. He is a clear communicator, and professional at all times!”

HR Recruiter | England

“I engaged Mozez because I was looking for an expert to help me formulate a digital content strategy. Mozez was able to expertly put me on the right track and was able to deliver an enormous amount of value in a short time.”

Real Estate Agent | Vancouver

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DISCLAIMER: The Map Your Moves course is designed to help start-ups, and Entrepreneurs create a framework with which to plan their marketing efforts. It offers students the direction, tools, ideas, and strategies to create their own flowchart/map for their business so that may better create their own marketing. The course does not include any marketing campaigns, websites, or paid subscriptions to other third-party marketing or design tools. The course creators do not control or manage any third-party tools that are recommended in this course and as such, cannot be held responsible or liable for any software, tools, websites, or any online or offline tool not performing as it should. We also do not make or guarantee any income claims.